Beginning the Everyday Road to Healthy

by Angela and Deena on October 25, 2010

Thank you so much for visiting our new blog, Everyday Road to Healthy!  We are so excited to share with you our research, findings and opinions on all things healthy and eco-friendly!

We have both unfortunately been closely affected by cancer in our lives and it has really driven us to take a look at our environment and what we are putting into our bodies.  What if there is a correlation?   Even if it is a small correlation, isn’t it worth the time and effort to change our lifestyles for the people we love?

But where do we start?

We know there are tons of books, articles and even other blogs on eating healthier and taking care of our environment, but sometimes the information can be so overwhelming.  We have also felt, in our own research, that there are so many things to try or change about our lifestyles that one just doesn’t know where to begin…

We are going to take an everyday approach and try to weed through all the advice and find out what is worth changing and what is affordable to change.  For example, going 100% organic can be expensive so we will try to figure out when it is best to go organic so we can all make small changes in our lives.  We will even compare our local farmers market and grocery store quality and price, to try and make this healthy change as affordable as possible.  But it’s so much more than the food we eat!  It’s the air we breathe and the products we use in everyday life.  We plan to dig in to all these topics.

But please keep in mind, this is not intended to be expert nutritional, medical or scientific advice, but rather our opinion on the many different aspects of becoming healthier from the inside out.  And we aren’t just sharing our journey with you, but rather we want you to take the journey with us!  Feel free to comment and make suggestions and let us know you are out there trekking along too.  We welcome any and all feedback.  We have so many ideas on things we want to check out and research but we always welcome new ideas!

So come back and see where we go next!

Coming up….healthy BUZZWORDS:  Organic – we hear and use it all the time but what does it really mean?

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