28 Day Challenge: Progress Report End of Week 2

by admin on January 15, 2011

Whole Living Action Plan


Week 2 for me was definitely harder.  Maybe I’m a person who does better with a lot of rules, but the minute I started adding back some of the “forbidden” foods, I kept making excuses to cheat here and there or just didn’t pay attention to what was going in my mouth.  Over the weekend I went to a baby shower and I tried to snack smart, but I did break down and have a mini cupcake (they were just too cute to resist!).  And we went out to dinner one night where I ate crab cakes (seemed to be one of the healthiest things on the menu) but the appetizer was handmade potato chips with all this seafood goodness piled on top.  And boy was I punished for it, because I got home and actually felt sick.  It’s like my body had gotten accustomed to my healthy eating during week 1, so when I tried to fuel it with grease, it objected slightly!  Other than that and a few Hershey’s kisses here and there :-),  I’ve been pretty good at sticking to healthy eating.  I’m still eating an apple a day for a snack, and I’ve only broken down and had coffee TWO mornings during this entire 2 weeks (I meet some girlfriends for coffee every week and it just doesn’t seem right to go into Starbucks without ordering my usual cup of joe!).  But this is a huge improvement over my normal 2 cups of coffee a day!  And I can honestly say that my energy level has not suffered.

I’ve had a couple stressful moments this week where I had to stop and breathe and I tried the inhale for 2 exhale for 4 and, if anything, it got my mind off what I was stressing about for those 5 minutes.  I had planned on taking a peaceful, candlelit bath one day this week, but never found the time.  I’m reading this book that’s hard to put down, so every night I escape my daily stresses by reading a chapter or two before bed.  So I’m trying to de-stress, but it’s stressful trying to make the time, ha!

As far as exercise, I pushed myself this week and added a mile to my ½ marathon training.  I have never been a runner, but my dad went to college on a track scholarship, so I know I must have it in me somewhere!  But this week was a huge milestone for me and it felt great.


We’re at the end of week two of the Whole Living 28-Day Challenge detox program and I feel like I’m getting the hang of everything.  I don’t know that I stuck to the rules exactly as they were stated but I am still making healthier choices than I did prior to the challenge.  This week we were able to gradually add back in wheat, dairy, soy and caffeine.  I did pay attention to how my body felt as I added each item back in while not necessarily sticking to the order of which they were to be added back.  I do think that I may have a small allergy to milk products as I found that my stomach felt bloated when I added it back to my diet.  Now, that won’t be enough to keep me away from cheese or ice cream in the future,but it was interesting realization on my part.

As far as exercising went, well that was a tough one again this week as I spent the majority of the week in the hospital again for my son’s chemo treatments.  I’m not making excuses just stating my current reality. 🙂   He and I did a couple miles of walking over the week doing laps in the children’s ward (for the record 21 laps equals a mile).  I also found the stairs and while he was sleeping climbed up and down them, which actually had me huffing and puffing at one point.  So either I’m really out of shape or just changing my normal exercise routine worked out some new muscles for me.  I am looking forward to the weekend when I can get in some longer runs.  Angela and I are still training for a 1/2 marathon and I need to make sure I can keep up with her.  🙂

I didn’t focus on meditating at all this week.  I did however find quiet moments of peacefulness whether it was rocking my 1 year old to sleep, listening to my 7 year old read me a story, or watching my 15 year break out into spontaneous laughter.  And perhaps that is enough for me.  Just being mindful, aware and thankful for all those little moments.

So, although I’m not following the plan exactly as it’s laid out I have continued to be more thoughtful of the choices I’m making (my husband has also gotten on board and is making healthier decisions – which I’m very proud of him for).  And even though weight loss was not the basis for going on the detox,  I continue to lose a couple pounds each week – which let’s be honest I’m not going to complain about!!

Hopefully a few of you out there are doing this detox along with us and discovering that small changes are helping you to feel better all around.

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