Everyone has an animal on their head…

by Deena on April 2, 2011

So how do I know when the weekend has started??  Well everyone has an animal on their head, of course.    Every Friday after work, I head to my parents house to pick up my youngest son.  We also have a weekly tradition that we’ll sit around enjoying a glass of wine to catch up while my son and my niece play for a little while.  For me that sets the tone that the challenging week at work is done and the weekend chaos is about to begin.

This Friday, Skyler (my niece) and Mason (my son) were energetically entertaining us all by twirling, dancing, stomping, and clapping to the tunes of Laurie Berkner.  Which if you have a child under the age of about 6, I highly recommend her CD or DVD.    They are a great way to get little kids up and moving on cold rainy days and personally I don’t mind watching along (unlike some other kids videos).

Skyler with a turtle on her head

Mason with a Dolphin on his head

Hope your weekend started with an equally entertaining moment.

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