Silly things that make me happy: A recycling fool’s favorite new purchase

by Deena on June 22, 2011

Ok so I bought these a couple weeks ago and wanted to make sure I loved them before I shared with our readers.  It’s funny sometimes what makes you happy and this is one of those small things that did.

Our local recycling company, probably like many, only provides one small bin for recycling.  I used to get so frustrated because I would see my kids or husband throwing something out that could be recycled.  When I would ask them about it, their excuse would be that the recycling bin was too full already.

So I did what most people would probably do I called our recycling company to see if we could get a couple more bins.  Sure they said you can get additional ones for $100 each.  $100?!?! Really?  Um no thanks.   So she says well if you can find recycling bins at your local hardware store you can use those.  Ah ok that’s good to hear.

So off to the hardware store I go.  Actually I went to 2 different ones.  Neither had recycling bins.  Sigh. The only thing I could locate was full size trash bins.  Which you would think with everyone trying to be more environmentally friendly would not have been the case.  Regardless I moved my search online then.

And I found these:

Stackable Recycling Bins


Stackable Recycling Bins

Love them and here’s why:

  • multi-colored so I can sort paper, plastic, cans, etc (easy to tell the kids ok paper goes in the green)
  • 18 gallons each
  • each container has it’s own lid which you can make stay open even when stacked
  • But mostly because they stack.. 🙂  Love the fact that they don’t take up much room in our garage

And they weren’t too pricey… not when comparing to the original quote from the recycling company of $100 for one container.  I paid around $45ish for the Suncast Recycle Bin Kit BH183PK and got free shipping since I ordered it from Amazon.  I could have purchased them for a few dollars cheaper at Walmart however they required me to pick them up from the store… which I was too lazy to do.

I’ve had these for a couple weeks now and they still make me happy when I use them.   I recommend them to anyone looking to increase their recycling.

Any of you doing anything new to increase your recycling efforts??  We love to hear your ideas!

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