Pump and Grind

by Angela on July 17, 2011

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter you erth-lings!  I mean Body Pump class, of course!  That’s how I started out my morning yesterday.  I love this class.  It’s fun because it’s one class my hubby will actually take with me.  So just like I mentioned in my previous article, if the gym intimidates you, this is actually a great class to take.  It works every body part with a bar and plates, using moves you can use in your own personal workout at the gym.  The most intimidating part of the class is the set-up.  So if you ever find yourself wanting to take the class, here’s Body Pump set-up 101.

You need 3 things…a bench with 2 risers on each side, a mat and weights.  The weights consist of a bar, a few different sized plates, and clips for the end to keep the weights from falling off.  I usually start with 5 lb. plates on the bar, then have an extra set of 5’s and 2.5’s when I need to add weight depending on the exercise.


After the set-up, you just follow along and pump it up!  Try it, you may like it!

This time after my workout I ate a little smarter than the previous day (no McDonalds).  My hubby found these veggie (vegan) patties at Costco, and we’ve been hooked ever since:



I love that you can taste the sunflower seeds in it.  I made myself 2 patties for lunch (plain, no bread), but I really filled up after just one.   It’s a good, quick, easy meal.


What can I say?  I love my Costco purchases!

Now I need to go cancel out yesterday’s workout by finding some ice cream to eat on National Ice Cream Day!   This workout/eating thing is like going up a down escalator!

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