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by Deena on July 22, 2011

So, I got burnt out on running recently… Mostly I think because I get bored running on the treadmill.  Really it doesn’t matter what TV show is on about 30 minutes into the run I just want to get off the treadmill.  I’ve run some mileage outside recently but it’s so darn hot… I mean we’re rolling in the heat here.  So unless I get up before the sun (um which I will say I’ll do.. but then I don’t) running outside feels like trying to run in a sauna.

And well I’m not much of a gym rat… I know Angela loves going to the gym but personally it’s not my thing.  Of course we have a gym at home so maybe I just don’t see the need to leave my house.  Or more likely I’m just too lazy to drive to the gym, workout and then drive home.  I’m more of a “ok, I know I need to workout what is the fastest way I can get it done so that I can get on with my day” kind of person.

Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD

So, today I pulled out one of my exercise DVDs that I haven’t done in awhile, The Biggest Loser Workout: Power Sculpt.   I really like this DVD as I feel like I get a great workout each time I use it.  The Biggest Loser Workout: Power Sculpt incorporates three strength-training regimens with progressive levels of difficulty, respectively hosted by  Jillian Michaels, Kim Lyons and Bob Harper.   The DVD is set up so that you could do a 6 week training plan, adding in new moves and more difficulty with each level.  I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve never done the 6 week plan.  I just do the entire video from beginning to end each time I use it.  They suggest using hand weights from 2- 10 pounds for the workout.

Doing it that way I get 50 minute workout broken out into the following areas:

1) Warm-Up – The warm up is 5 minutes with Jillian instructing.  It basically consists of stretches and some movement to get your heart rate up prior to moving into the next section.

2) Level 1 – This 20 minute section is lead by Jillian again.  She  instructs you to use a light or medium weight during this set.  I use a 3 pound weight.  The moves are not that complicated – she tries to ensure that both the upper and lower body are moving at the same time in order to burn more calories.  There are some standard sculpting moves bicep curls, lunges, as well as some yoga moves to mix it up.  Jillian’s personality comes out and I like the way she interacts with the class.

Working out with Jillian

2) Level 2 – This section is 10 minutes long and lead by Kim Lyons (who was a trainer on Biggest Loser for one season).  I’m going to be honest and say that Kim’s personality annoys me just a little bit.  But with only 10 minutes i can deal with it.  She tends to tell you to slow down the moves to intensify the workout – meanwhile she’s not listening to her own advice 🙂  I use a 6 pound weight during this section of the video.  She does focus on the moves and I’ve got a nice stream of sweat flowing during this section.  (nice image I know)

yep I looked thrilled to be doing triceps...

3) Level 3 – This section is with Bob and there’s just something about him that motivates me to finish his section even if my body is tired from the previous 2 levels.  Again there is focus on doing power moves that use both the upper and lower body at the same time.  I stick with the 6 pound weights for this level.  There is also the dreaded push-ups and planks in this section.  Kim introduces them in her section however Bob definitely brings the intensity in his section.

"powering up" with Bob

4) Cool Down –  I have to make myself do this section of the DVD.  I think because after I’m done with Level 3 I think “yeah – finished” and I just want to go on with my day.  The cool down is Jillian again and it’s just a series of stretches that really do feel good once you do them.  A friend once told me that the cool down is her reward for doing the workout… So I force myself to stick around for the cool down and do it.

So one of the things I haven’t mentioned yet is the actual participants in the video doing the exercises.  They are contestants from the Biggest Loser show (prior to major weight lose).  And I love that they are the people in the video… mostly because whenever I’m like ugh I don’t want to do another move I just look at them and I’m inspired to keep going.

Amazon carries this video and I saw that there were used copies around $5 for anyone wanting to try it out.

Let us know if you find any exercise videos that you just love to use so we can check them out.

Until later… happy exercising ERTH-lings 🙂

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Masashi August 29, 2012 at 12:44 am

I was really exticed to get this DVD, especially since you can pick your level and make it last for 6 weeks while adding new levels and new moves throughout the 6 weeks. Now let me preface this with saying, I am extremely fit. I work out 4-5x a week doing cardio for 30-45 minutes at a time. (And when I do cardio the sweat is literally dripping off me in waves.) I also have been doing sculpting DVDs 2x a week for the past 6 months. This workout kicked my butt! Level one is definitely easy enough for intermediate, yet will still challenge those who are in good shape. I just added Level 2 today, and I actually had to stop the DVD and take a 60 second breather because I thought I would either throw up or pass out! You’ve gotta work me REALLY hard to make that happen! My only criticism is that I don’t think this DVD is appropriate for beginners. However, after reading some reviews it is clear beginners are doing it and thriving on it. My advice to a beginner would be to concentrate on form before you concentrate on reps or how heavy your weights are. In the DVD a lot of the participants have really poor form. (Even though the trainers give them a thumbs up.) Watch the trainer and copy them. Once your form is perfect add weights and/or increase your reps. I’m sure any trainer will tell you they’d rather you do one really good move than 10 of the same move with poor form. If you want to loose weight and you stick with this DVD I can’t imagine you wouldn’t change your life and body. And on the same token, if you are already in shape this DVD will add variety and excitement to your workout as well as giving you a really challenging workout.

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