Manic Monday

by Angela on September 26, 2011

Neither Deena nor I prepared a meat-free Monday recipe for today.  I personally have just been making some of my favorites from past postings and haven’t tried anything new lately.  Deena unfortunately spent the weekend contemplating the not-so-good news of her son’s recent scans.  My heart is just heavy.

If you haven’t already read Deena’s story, get updated here.  She told me I could write about whatever I wanted regarding the news, but I feel it’s not my story to tell.  But you can follow her son’s journey at

So needless to say, we’ve got nothin’ for meat-free Monday.  I can however share with you a past recipe that I make ALL the time…it’s become my favorite go-to recipe for a quick lunch.  And that is the Szechuan Black Eyed Pea Salad (thanks Nicole!).  Sometimes I just make the sauce and pour it on black-eyed peas and/or plain noodles, without any of the other ingredients (talk about quick and easy!).  So there you have it, happy Meat-free Monday!  🙂  Next week we’ll be back on track for real….wait until you see what I’m up to!

I did do something very “erth” friendly this weekend though.  I sold tons of my kids’ old clothes at a consignment sale….recycling at it’s finest.  Everyone wins!  Just Between Friends holds 2 sales a year in my immediate area, but as you can see on their site, they are nationwide.  The way the sale works is you register to get a consignor number, then you enter tags for all your items in their online tag system (which is very easy to use).  When you print up the tags, they look like this (yeah, you have to cut them, but at least they are efficient on using paper!):

JBF tags

There are guidelines on what you can sell, what you can’t (no items with rips or stains, everything must be clean and pressed) and certain ways to tag your items.  Here are some of my tagged items:

JBF clothes

Now imagine that small group of shirts times 20, and that’s how much I had to load into my car, then unload for the sale in this:

JBF rain

Wikipedia defines Murphy’s Law as “an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.”  See above picture, because it wasn’t raining until I got in my car to head to the sale site.  Figures.

Here’s just one row of clothes at the sale:

JBF clothes racks

There were about 10 more rows just like this, plus a toys and baby equipment section.  They had over 65,000 items that people were consigning.  They even do presales for volunteers, consignors, first time moms and military.  And if you choose to mark down your items, Sunday is 50% off day, so when creating your tags, there is an option to reduce.  When it’s all over, you have the choice to pick up your unsold items or donate them. I usually donate mine, but this time around I picked them up, and I must say, they were very organized and efficient.

Did you do anything erth-friendly this weekend that you would like to share?

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