Grapefruit Bathtub Cleaner – it works, who knew?

by Deena on October 7, 2011



Have you heard about using grapefruit and salt to clean your bathroom…  yep me neither until recently.   I figured what the heck ,might as well try it … it HAS  to be better smelling than the vinegar & water combo I’ve been using.

(I know, I know… add a few drops of scented oils… well I’m out of oil and to lazy too google for more).

So, I decided to change things up and try this.

What will you need?  (Because of course you’ll follow my lead and try this):

  • 1 Grapefruit
  • Kosher salt


1. Cut grapefruit in half: 1  large grapefruit will clean your entire bath or shower from top to bottom, including all the fixtures. Simply cut it in half with a knife .

2. Sprinkle with kosher salt: Using half a grapefruit at a time, sprinkle liberally with salt. Wet your bathtub (or shower) and sprinkle the remaining salt around the bottom.  (we’re using kosher salt because it’s larger grains than table so easier to scrub with)

3. Scrub: Use grapefruit to scrub around your shower or tub, making sure to slightly “juice” the citrus over each fixture and lifting it every now and then to pick up fresh salt from around the tub.

4. Rinse: Simply rinse away the grapefruit and salt pieces, your shower will look as good as new. Not only does it get your bathroom clean and the hardware shiny again… it also smells great!

This cleaner will get thick grime and dirt rings off your shower area and does amazing work on cast iron tubs. You can also use this method to clean your sinks, toilets, tile and more.

Note: If you have marble counter tops you may not want to try this cleaner – I know with the vinegar/water concoction mentioned in our earlier article the vinegar was too acidic for use on marble… I would assume the same is true with grapefruit.

Happy “green” cleaning!

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