Fashion Model for…oh about 10 minutes

by Angela on October 14, 2011

Right around the time I decided to order the box service from my friend Carly, there was also a Facebook post by a local women’s fashion boutique, Misguided Angels, asking for volunteer models for their anniversary fashion show (which was a couple weeks ago but I’ve been procrastinating writing about it!).  Despite what people may think, I did not jump at this opportunity.  I’ve done some amateur modeling back in the day (mainly as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader), but other than that, the only modeling I do is re-modeling in my house.  Har har.

But this store has some awesome clothes and I thought, since I’m in a fashion rut, what fun to be able to try on some nice pieces that I would rarely buy for myself.   So I volunteered.

My biggest fear was slipping or tripping, so imagine my joy when I saw the shoes I was going to wear.

Misguided Angels shoe - novato_red

I know, right?!   But damn, they were sexy…as long as I was standing still!

Seriously though, it truly was a fun experience.  I went in the day before and tried on clothes.  The store owner had a good eye for what looks good on people, and was very quick to change things if it didn’t look right on me.  In the end, my outfit ended up being a pair of Miss Me jeans (my favorite…I own 2 pairs), a beautiful peasant top, the above neck-breaker shoes, and for a second outfit, I threw on a fashionable trench coat.  She added some accessories and a stylish handbag, and I felt like I was on a New York runway! 

In reality, once I snapped back to it, we walked out of the Misguided Angels store and walked one store down into the Virginia Wine Factory (thankfully that means the spectators, including the little ones below, were drinking wine and their vision was impaired as I wobbled by…I’m kidding about the little ones drinking wine, by the way). 

Misguided Angels fashion show - peasant blouse 1

Misguided Angels fashion show - peasant blouse 2

misguided angels fashion show I believe I was doing a ‘”woot woot” after the emcee, Leigh Macdonald, said something about me being a 3 year breast cancer survivor.  As my friend said to me, any cancer survivor has every right to make any sort of face whenever he or she wants…hence my mega cheese above.

Misguided Angels fashion show - coat 1

This trench was oh so cozy and stylish, but about $261.99 more than my budget (actual price is $262).  But is that look “haute couture” or what?

The show ran for about an hour and included about 20 ladies from the area, including some of the cutest little girls.  The store is an awesome addition to this area, offering hot, stylish, unique clothes for women around my age, which is….oh please, I’m not going to announce my age on a public blog!

But if you live in the Loudoun County area, do come check out this boutique in the Brambleton Town Center.

For more pictures from the Misguided Angels Facebook page, click here.

For a local article and some additional pictures and videos about the night, click here.

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mode February 25, 2012 at 8:49 am

Great look!

admin October 17, 2011 at 8:17 am

You are very welcome, it was so much fun. Think about me when you do another one…I would love to participate again! 😉 I’ll be in soon to shop again!

Misguided Angels October 14, 2011 at 10:46 am

Thanks so much for being a part of the show Angela, you were radiant! And thanks for the plug 😉

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