Happy 1st Anniversary, ERTH!

by Angela on October 25, 2011

Over a year ago today, Deena came to me with this great idea for a blog.  Soon after that, I had a “light bulb” moment (in the shower of all places) and came up with the name of our blog.  And exactly a year ago today we posted our very first article here on Everyday Road to Healthy.

Our goal for this blog has always been to share things we’ve learned about health and environmental topics.  Sometimes what we write is a hit, sometimes it’s a miss but we’re always learning along the way.  Feedback from our friends has helped us tremendously and we always appreciate the questions and suggestions for topics (so keep them coming!).

What’s funny is, some of our most popular articles haven’t been the “educational” health posts, but the personal posts about our lives.  When we look at our statistics, the following articles are the top 5 most popular over the past year:

1.  A mother’s journey with childhood cancer – giving up is never an option – My favorite article Deena wrote, by far.

2.  2011 Top Rated Sunscreens – the most popular “educational” post

3.  Off the Beaten Path… a Single Mom’s Journey Through Adoption – a guest post from our dear friend.  Thanks Cat!

4.  Meat Free Monday: Crispy Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce – not sure what it was about this particular recipe, but it was a fan favorite.  And I must agree, it was good!

5.  Avon Walk 2011 or “Bust”! – My Avon Walk experience.

Speaking of recipes, one thing we have both noticed is there is no easy way to search recipes on our site.  It’s frustrating for us too, trust us.  We’re working on a better format for the web, but in the meantime, we are compiling an electronic document of our first year recipes in review.  It may not be a Betty Crocker cookbook, but it will definitely be an easier format to find recipes.  If anyone is interested in a copy of this document, please email Deena or I personally or via our admin email address (admin@everydayroadtohealthy.com), or comment below.  We hope to get this document completed within the next week.

Anyway, it’s been a year of ups and downs, but through it all we can always count on the support of our friends, new and old. Thank you to everyone who reads our articles, puts up with our typos, tries our recipes and makes comments so we know someone is out there reading.  We’ll continue writing and sharing our journey if you all continue reading.

Happy 1st Anniversary Everyday Road to Healthy!

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