Recipe Review for Sweet Potato Enchiladas

by Angela on December 8, 2011

Meat free Monday’s Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas was a success….well at least for me!  I LOVED them and even just had some for lunch today.  The sweet potato filling was delicious, and I loved how the sourness from the lime in the black beans came through the flavor.  I used canned green enchilada sauce to save time, and I omitted the green chilies from the filling in order to keep the heat down.  This is definitely something I would make and eat again.  However, it would be a meal just for myself because my kids or hubby did not like it.  I should preface that comment with the fact that my husband dislikes Mexican.  More than that, it’s his least favorite food to eat!  So for him to even eat the dish in the first place was very open-minded of him.  He actually said he liked the filling, just not in an enchilada.  And my kids really liked the sweet potato filling as well, but their palate is not as diverse as mine, so I think it was just a little too different for them.  So in the future, I will roast sweet potaoes and make a nice side of sweet potatoes with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon for the kids and hubby, and then stuff a couple enchiladas just for me.  I’ll file this one away for Angela’s personal recipe stash!

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