Random Acts of Kindness Week

by Angela on December 13, 2011

Monday, February 14th is not only a day for celebrating love, it is also the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week!  I am so excited about this week.  Think about how it lifts your spirits to give, expecting nothing in return.  And I’m not talking about monetary giving necessarily, but just a small act of kindness to let someone, even a stranger, know that you care and that they matter. 

When I heard about this week, I was reminded of a story I heard as a child about a family who was driving through a toll booth and the father decided to pay the toll for the car behind them.  It wasn’t anyone they knew, which made it even more fun for the kids to look out the back window as they drove off and see the look of surprise on the stranger’s face.  How fun is that and how awesome to teach our kids about such a wonderful feeling?  Of course in this day and age with Smart Tag, this particular kindness is hard to do, but there are so many other similar acts that have the same effect.

Deena and I will be following Random Acts of Kindness daily as they suggest one new act of kindness each day this coming week.  We will post the suggestion on Facebook so you can join in on the fun to make this world a kinder place.  Of course if you have any other ideas, please share with us and other readers.  Maybe we can do them all!

Who is up for the extreme kindness challenge?!

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