No More Spots!

by Angela on December 14, 2011

Today while I was out playing Easter Bunny, trying to buy things to put in my kids’ Easter baskets, I made a pitstop at the Origins counter at Macy’s to use my birthday month coupon.  I’ve been studying the products on the Origins website trying to pick out some new skin care products and finally figured out which ones I wanted to try. 

I’ve actually been happy with my skin care regimen lately.  I just wanted to try something different, something a little less harsh and more eco-friendly and natural, and the few products and samples I have received from Origins I have really liked. 

It took me a while though because they have so many products that target different things.  The main concern I’ve had with my skin has been the freckles.  They are cute on kids, not so cute on adults!  Oh let me correct myself…freckles are cute on kids, on adults they are called AGE SPOTS.  Enough said.  So today I purchased the moisturizer and correcting serum from the Origins Brighter by Nature collection.  It’s their skin tone correcting line. 

Of course by blogging about this, I have now held myself accountable for sticking to a regimen so I can report back to you all on how well the products worked.  And how will I track this?  Well, I took a close up picture of my skin for a before picture.  This is a HUGE deal peoples, because not many have seen me without makeup.  I am my mother’s daughter afterall.  So you are getting a very rare glimpse of the pure, unaltered skin on my cheek.  Are you ready?

Oh good!  It doesn’t look so bad now that I’ve put it out there.  🙂  But hopefully it will look better in a couple weeks!  Zap those age spots away!

So my skin care regimen will look like this:

a.m. – Origins GinZing Eye Cream (already using this and love it), Origins Brighter by Nature skin tone correcting serum, Origins Brighter By Nature Moisturizer SPF 35, then makeup, of course

p.m. – Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (this has been my eye makeup remover of choice for about a year now), Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash (just ordered online today), Origins Brighter by Nature skin tone correcting serum, Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Night Cream (just ordered online today)

Stay tuned for an update on the diminishing age spots….

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