Let the games begin!

by Angela on January 6, 2012

Uh…sorry, I’m a little caught up in the Hunger Games trilogy right now.  What I meant to say was, let the training begin, as in half-marathon training. 

Yes, I’m at it again.  But this time I’m determined to be more prepared, better trained and just a tad faster (ran my fastest 5 miles today…yay me!).  I’m tired of being a poser runner girl.  I want to be the real deal.  And while I will NEVER in my life run a sub-4 mile (yes, it is true, I read in a magazine about a kid who can run a mile in under 4 minutes…what the heck?!), I do want to look a little less like I am loafing through the race.

So for Christmas I asked for some gear.  Mostly I didn’t specify anything except “workout gear” but that’s the great thing about having a best friend who lives with you (that would be my husband, people).  He knew from all my talks and research and web surfing, that there were specific things I wanted.

First score from the hubby for Christmas, compression socks:

compression socks 

Sexy, huh?  These aren’t your grandma’s compression socks.  Okay, maybe they look like them except they are pink.  I’ve worn them a couple times for running.  I don’t know if they help yet or not because my training runs right now are short.  And some people wear them just after a run and others during, so I’m still testing out which works for me.  But either way, I look and feel the part in these.  Now the shoes are another story….they are pretty tattered and worn (guess that means I’m using them!).  That one was a specific item on my wish list and I didn’t get them.  Oh well, there’s a newer model out I want to try anyway.  Good thing I got some Christmas cash to spend! 

Second score from the hubby for Christmas, a Garmin GPS watch and heart rate monitor:


Now I really feel like I can’t give up this whole running thing.  This was the big kahuna present from the hubby and there’s no turning back now.  The downfall is I do most of my running indoors on a treadmill and this watch didn’t come with a foot pod which tracks indoor running.  I checked on the price of the foot pod the other day and it was close to $70!  I think I’ll pass.  So…I guess I’ll be doing some outdoor running more often (oh joy, right in the middle of winter, can’t wait).

But let me just tell you…if you are wanting to run but don’t think you can do it, think again.  That’s exactly how I felt just a couple years ago.  It is possible.  In the words of my friend and fellow blogger, we can do hard things.  I think she meant something deeper than this whole running business, but it’s a good mantra nonetheless.   

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