Toxins Begone: Day 2

by Angela on May 16, 2012

I sit here typing this in the afterglow of my delicious cashew milk drink…that would be juice #6 in my Blue Print Cleanse adventure.  So I am happy and satisfied.  I think they purposely make you drink this one before bed so you can go to bed happy.  But also because it’s the most filling to get you through the night.

So day #2 I woke up feeling good.  I expected to be famished, but I wasn’t.  And my headache?  It was gone.  I think my body finally gave in to the torture and stopped fighting back.  I even went to the gym and, to my surprise, did not lack energy at all.  I think I even walked with a pep in my step from being so proud of tackling this juice cleanse challenge.

The drinks were easier to take today.   I was prepared for the taste so nothing was a huge shock.  I did find that the spicy lemonade juice #4 was much easier to get down today.  The one  I had trouble with was the red beet juice #5.  This one made it to the bottom of my list today.  It was real hard to swallow…just a very strong beet and lemon flavor that did not sit well with me. 

This was also about the time my stomach really started gurgling, not from hunger, but from gas.  Not sure what’s not settling well, but I haven’t felt that great tonight.  That is, until the cashew milk.  But even that hasn’t settled my stomach. 

So I’m halfway through and I’m feeling okay.  I’m still thinking about food (I swear every commercial on the TV at the gym today was about food or coffee) but I definitely feel better than yesterday.  I’m off to drink my Yogi Stomach Ease tea before heading off to bed (water and herbal teas are encouraged in between juices so no cheating going on here).  We’ll see what tomorrow, the last day of my cleanse, brings. 

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