The Start of Something New

by Angela on August 22, 2012

Opening up my Windows Live Writer and starting this blog post is like waking a computer from sleep mode.  If there could be cobwebs on a computer application, there would surely be one on this software I use, as well as our blog page itself.  In other words, it’s been a while.

I’m not going to rehash the events that put a halt to everything.  You can go back and read about how tragedy struck our Everyday Road to Healthy family.  What I will tell you is I’ve struggled to write about anything.  I feel like every post needs to have a purpose now….some bit of shared knowledge or something motivational to make people say, “ah yes, that’s what I need to do to be healthier.”

But the truth of the matter is, I am human.  Not everything that happens in my life is positive for my health.  I don’t always do things that make people think, “wow, if she can do that so can I!”  In fact, those things are few and far between.  But writing about them is just like high school reunion memory books…are you going to put in there that you’ve failed at something in life?  No, people want everyone to think their life is PERFECT.  So it’s the same when I post stuff here.  I feel like I should only tell you about the great things I’m doing to make my life better – the great recipes I’m trying, the better food I’m trying, the natural products I’m using.  But that’s not reality.  I fall off the bandwagon….a lot

Take for example, running.  Ah…I sure did toot my own horn on this one, didn’t I?  I told you about running a couple half marathons and some other races.  Yay me!  Look what I did!  You know how much running I did over the summer?  Pretty much zilch.  Yup, look at me now.  Running ONE mile is tough now.  So I’m starting from scratch.  But I want to get back ON that bandwagon because it’s the one exercise that made me feel good, inside and out.  Watch out Couch to 5K training, I’m coming after you!

But this time I’ll share my experience with you, the highs and the lows.  I’m going to write more about what really goes on in the life of someone trying to keep it all together as a stay-at-home mom of 2 active boys and dealing with schoolwork, housework, sports, a (very) part-time job, and just everyday life while trying to become healthier.  It won’t be a pretty picture, but it will be real

As I close out this post, I’m stressing about the start of school next week.  I will have a Kindergartener and a 3rd grader….where did the time go?  We have parents’ night this week and meet the teacher on top of my other worries – did I buy everything they need, what will I pack them for lunch, will my little guy be okay on the bus, are they going to like their teachers, the list goes on.  But despite all the stress and worry, I will cherish every moment knowing what I know now.  Thank you, Owen.

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