Happy Halloweenie…

by Deena on October 31, 2012

I don’t know about y’all but I love Halloween right up until I have to try and convince two wild boys hopped up on sugary goods that its time to go to bed.

“No more candy, it’s time for bed.”

“Just one more piece?”   “No it’s TIME for bed”

“What about this one?”  No.

Can I have gum? That’s not candy.  ” No,  JUST GO TO BED

“Can I have candy tommorrow?”   “Yes, if you go to bed!

“Daddy, Mommy said I could have can have candy when I wake up



(Photo: Angela’s boys)

(In order to not create complete chaos in the universe – it’s always best to pair the villain with your favorite superhero. Keeps everything nice and balanced.)


(Photo: Deena’s boys)

(Yes, the oldest created his own costume.  As an afterthought, we realized he was walking around all night with LMFAO in big bold letters on his sweatshirt, that he created himself.  Hope the neighbors realize he was referencing the band and not making a statement.  We may need to monitor his creativity in the future.)



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