I had a dream…

by Angela on December 14, 2012

I have to tell you all about my dream last night.  It takes the cake (no pun intended).  But first let me give you some back story.

Three weeks ago the hubby agreed to try Paleo again with me.  This was right after Thanksgiving, naturally, and we were ready to detox a bit.  I poured over borrowed books and the Internet to prepare ourselves, writing down meals and making shopping lists.  But after 3 weeks of doing this (yay us!), forget all the info out there.  I think I can sum up Paleo in two sentences.  Eat meat, seafood, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and nuts.   Do not eat dairy, grains, sugars, and legumes (beans and peanuts).

And there you have it!  🙂

Seriously though, that pretty much sums it up, the idea being to detox our bodies of allergens and processed foods.  So what did we eat?

Breakfast:  paleo-friendly muffins (made with almond flour instead of wheat flour), bacon, sausage, sweet potatoes or acorn squash, fruit smoothies, avocado smoothies (with almond milk)

Lunch:  Dinner leftovers, sweet potatoes, salads with tuna or salmon or chicken

Dinner:  Meat or fish with a side of vegetables or two

Snack:  almonds, muffins, Lara bars (all natural fruit and nut bars), fresh fruit

It’s really become a pretty simple “diet” to follow after my last epic fail.  I think it helps to have the hubby on board.

But I have faltered.  It’s been very secretive actually.  He didn’t know about it.  But there’s these things called holiday cookies and holiday chocolates that are sitting around my house.  I.  Can’t.  Resist.  It’s horrible.  I really get to the point where I’m like “screw it”…I want a cookie so I’m going to eat a cookie.  I’m talking 2 or 3 at a time, like Cookie Monster.  But the guilt was starting to settle in.

So last night I had this dream.  I was sitting next to the hubby and he was looking at me with disappointment as I pigged out on…wait for it….a block of cream cheese covered in vanilla pudding!  What the….???  I mean, if that’s not my conscious speaking loud and clear to me, I don’t know what is!  Did you know I woke up and immediately told him about my dream and WHY I had that dream?  I could never be a secret spy, that’s for sure.

Today I had a couple Hershey kisses and will be enjoying food and cocktails at the hubby’s company get-together.  What could tonight’s dreams possibly bring?

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