Practice What You Preach

by Angela on January 4, 2013

I was looking through our blog the other day and the first thing I realized is, we’ve been doing this since October 2010!  Time definitely flies.  The second thing I realized is that at the beginning of each year, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and written about New Year’s resolutions (2011 resolutions, 2012 resolutions).  I know it’s what everyone does each year but I never go back and write about how everything went (probably because it didn’t go so well!).

So while this year I have the same typical resolutions (eat better, exercise, give more, worry less….), it’s time for a little reflection on 2012…a year in review, if you will.  My assessment is I did pretty well.  If I look back, I have no regrets on how I lived this past year.  I didn’t succeed on drinking more water every day (meh), but I think I lived a healthier life.  I kept up my exercise regimen, and ate a lot cleaner than I have in the past.  And my mental/emotional health improved because I gave more of myself to people.  Sometimes this can backfire if you overdo it and not take enough time for yourself, but I had a good balance….I think.  Maybe we should ask my family how I handled the stress.  :-)  

So to toot my own horn….

I ran for Team Vaughn in March, to raise money for my friend, Kimberly, who lost her husband in Afghanistan.  This was followed by an online Team Vaughn auction.   I had the honor of presenting a check to Kimberly at a Washington Redskins Cheerleaders alumni halftime show.


I walked to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  My friend Leslie’s son has MD and I walked on their team, Nick’s Chicks (will be doing it again this year…and clearly will be wearing the right green next time!). 

MDA Team Nicks Chicks

As with the past few years, I helped raise money for Breast Cancer research and awareness through my Avon Walk team, the Step Sisters.  As you all know, it’s a cause near and dear to my heart.  Here’s 2 of my 3 loves about ready to run in the Brambleton Ribbon Run:


And there’s the first annual Step Sisters’ Scramble I co-produced.  Pretty proud of this one.  Here’s a fellow Step Sister and I goofing off and trying to keep warm:


And of course, the Avon 2-day Walk:


And last but certainly not least, the first annual Owen’s Walk to Remember (Deena did an awesome job organizing this, by the way.  I was just a mere participant):


Yup, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished this past year.  I hope I’m saying the same thing this time next year. 

So how am I starting out 2013?  By practicing what we preach.  I really do worry about saying one thing about health on this blog, then going about life and doing something different.  So when Deena posted the Food & Fitness template yesterday, I immediately printed a few copies so I can start journaling this week.  First, a cool binder cover:

 Fitness Journal Cover

Side note:  I’m super proud of our logo every time I see it.  We invested in it, found a graphic designer who got our vision and voila.  Love it!

One thing I love about the journal is Deena added “water” as something to track.  I think she did that especially for me.  ;-)  And since I got this cool new Tervis Tumbler for Christmas, I have NO excuse!

Tervis Tumbler

And so the resolution of drinking more water lives on.  Out of everything I set out to accomplish, why is drinking water the hardest on my list??  But we all know water is good for us, I’ve preached about it before, so it’s about time I get to practicing! 

Happy 2013 everyone!

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