Celebrating Baby

by Angela on January 21, 2013

No, no, not my baby…well sort of.  My brother and sister-in-law’s baby….so kind of like mine, but not really.  🙂  My baby brother (10 years younger than me!) is going to have a baby….waaaaahhhh!  How can this be when it was just yesterday he was a 10 year old twerp and I was a young and fresh 20 year old college student?!  But alas, it is true.  He and his wife are having their first baby this spring, and it’s a girl!!  So naturally, I was thrilled when given the opportunity to host their baby shower.

I love hosting parties, I love being creative with the decorations, and I love “setting the scene” in the house.  I do not love it enough to do it for a living.  Holy moly I was exhausted by the time everyone left.  I think I stress so much about everything being perfect that I mentally just crash when it’s all over.  But I think it turned out perfect for a perfect couple to celebrate their perfect baby, if I do say so myself.

The color scheme was purple with an organic twist and I made most of the decorations.  First the tissue paper pom-poms I tacked to the ceiling (shhhh, don’t tell the hubby!):

2013 01 - Shower 10

I covered recycled food cans in craft paper and burlap and tied purple raffia around it to make flower pots:

2013 01 - Shower 70


2013 01 - Shower 21

Yes, that would be a dessert assortment platter!  In lieu of Hostess (boo!!) we had to go with Little Debbie!

2013 01 - Shower 23

And of course a homemade banner:

2013 01 - Shower 9

I made thank you notes for my sister-in-law and asked everyone to write their address on the envelopes:

2013 01 - Shower 5

2013 01 - Shower 6

And my favorite contribution, courtesy of an idea from Pinterest….a hot chocolate bar, complete with add-ons such as caramel, chocolate chips, crushed peppermint candies, cinnamon, coffee, marshmallows and whipped cream!

2013 01 - Shower 19

2013 01 - Shower 15

2013 01 - Shower 18

2013 01 - Shower 17

My new favorite additions to hot chocolate?  Cinnamon and peppermint!

hot chocolate

But some things I know better than to attempt myself, and that would be cookies.  Sure, I could make a mean chocolate chip cookie, but nothing I could do would come close to the artistic talent of my friend of 2 Sweets.

2013 01 - Shower 7

The dots are a dangerously, perfect bite-sized cookie…next thing you know you’ve had 10 “bites”!  Yikes!

2013 01 - Shower 27

And the cute contribution of my sister-in-law’s best friend, a diaper buggy (so cute!!):

2013 01 - Shower 12

And my own crafty gift (of which my favorite part was ironing the itty, bitty, cutie patootie 0-3 month onesies!!):

2013 01 - Shower 3

So all in all, I think the party was a success.  Now we just need the baby!  9 more weeks to go!

The parents-to-be (look at that cute baby bump!):

2013 01 - Shower 30

And the hostesses with the mostesses:

2013 01 - Shower 26

I hope you enjoyed my weekend event as much as I did!

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