2014 Intentions

by Angela on January 1, 2014

I hate to be so cliche, but I really do like the whole New Year’s Resolution thing.  I like coming up with my list, trying to think of new ways to improve myself, and then attempting to carry them out sometime during or by the end of a year, usually failing miserably, but the intention was there.  So here goes my list for 2014 (not in any particular order).

1.  Spend more time on our blog – Deena and I debated on shutting down Everyday Road to Healthy this past year.  Neither of us were giving it enough (any) time, and couldn’t foresee a lot of writing in our future.  But I just can’t let it go.  This blog idea stemmed from our hearts and our experiences.   We put a lot of effort into the name and logo and spent time building it up a few years ago.  We had a system.  But life got in the way, things far more important, but why can’t Everyday Road to Healthy be important again?  For me, writing is always stressful.  I want to make sure I say the right things and I thought I had to write something great that made people say “Ahhhh, yes!”.  But that’s not what e.r.t.h. is about.  It’s about sharing knowledge, that’s all.  It’s about every day life and talking about things we are trying out to make our lives better.  It’s about our successes and our failures.  I’m not going to write anything that will have publishers banging on my door or that will go viral on the internet.  I’m just going to write about life, at least once a month, that’s my goal.  I can already mark January down as a success!  🙂

2.  Take better pictures – Last Christmas my parents bought me a kick-a$$ camera.  It takes great pictures in auto mode, which is all I’ve ever really done.  So back in June (yes, like 6 months ago), I paid for an online photography course through Momtographie.  The course was just what I needed and wanted.  I could print up all the material, which was very user friendly, and complete the course at my own pace.  Unfortunately my pace has been slower than molasses.  Summer came and went and I never found the time to complete the lessons.  Then school started and I thought I’d have time then, but the fall and winter holidays were upon us too quickly.  So one of my goals for 2014 is to take more pictures with my fancy schmancy camera NOT in auto-mode.  Hopefully as the year progresses, the blog will benefit with better pictures!

3.  Be IN more pictures – I lost a friend to breast cancer this year, and while attending her visitation, I sat and marveled at all the pictures her husband and sons were able to pull together to show us the life of Sharon some of us never knew.  Her life as a young bride and young mother made my heart ache and sing at the same time.  Marriage and motherhood are such special times in a woman’s life, and it was wonderful to see my friend during this time in her life.  I vowed that day to get in more pictures with my kids.  Not just me, but my husband too.  We’re always behind the camera, focusing on the kids only.  But one day we will want to look back at this time in our lives and see the smiles and love reflected back in our own eyes.

Of course with my husband behind the camera, I get pictures of myself like this (caught off guard, food in mouth…).  Lovely.

2013 12  christmas eve me

4.  Learn to say no – I saw this on another blog post and it rang so true for me.  I volunteer for everything.  I’m usually quiet at first, but when asked, I always say yes.


I like to be busy and if I know I have a free moment, which I always find one, I say yes.  My to-do list grows from about 2 or 3 important things to about 6 or 7 (or 8 or 9), and all are equally important and must be done NOW.  I can’t go on like this.  🙂  The not so important things (though still important) are suffering.  So what if I can’t sit down for 30 minutes with my kids and read books, or take the dog for a long mind-cleansing walk, I have “more important” things to get done.  But really, they aren’t more important.  I’m missing out on what is truly important, and that is taking a moment, enjoying a moment and just breathing it in.

5.  Relax – I don’t mean feet up, cocktail in hand, enjoying a good book, although that’s not a bad idea either.  I mean lower-the-blood-pressure relax.  I’m wound up pretty tight.  On more than one occasion I have yelled at the kids for just being kids.  I have 2 boys.  They are loud, they are high energy.  But I expect them to be….girls.  Why won’t they sit nicely and play with stickers or dolls (er, I mean action figures).  Seriously though, I am the mother of two high-energy, rough and tumble, goofy boys.  I need to let them be who they are.

2013 12  Christmas 1


So for 2014 I wish you love, health and happiness.  I hope you will dance like no one is watching, love like there’s no tomorrow, and forgive with your whole heart.

Peace out 2013.

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Beryl January 2, 2014 at 9:41 am

Happy New Year Angela!!! I am ready and willing to get on you and help you FINISH Momtographie this year. Cheers to a fresh start and lots of beautiful photos of your kids (and YOU!) xo. Beryl

admin January 2, 2014 at 10:44 am

Oh busted, haha. Yes, I’m a slacker but I WILL learn to use my camera this year, I promise! Happy New Year!

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