Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Workout – 10 day review – Take 2

by Deena on January 16, 2014

040413_1354_TracyAnders2.jpgSo those of you that have been following us for awhile, probably will remember that I started Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis Workout last April.  I wrote about the first 10 days of the of the workout in this previously posted article.

And while I went on to complete a few more weeks of the workout series, I totally neglected writing about it. Then something came up and I would miss a day or two of the workout.  And then I just lost interest in picking it back up again and felt that the results wouldn’t be conclusive since I wasn’t being consistent.

But as with most things, I hate not finishing something once I’ve started… so while it may be almost a year later I have kicked off this workout plan once again.  I’m currently on day 9 of the workout series.   Yeah me.

Of course I have my lessons learned from the last time around… I paced myself with the cardio workout the first couple days.  I also have my own set of music that I listen to during the workouts.  And  instead of doing Tracy’s cardio workout daily, I run every other day.  My run is an interval training on the treadmill run that looks like this:

Speed Miles Total Miles Interval Time Total Time
5.7 0.50 0.50 5.16 5.16
6.6 0.55 1.05 5.00 10.16
5.5 0.20 1.25 2.11 12.27
6.6 0.55 1.80 5.00 17.27
5.5 0.20 2.00 2.11 19.38
6.6 0.55 2.55 5.00 24.38
5.5 0.20 2.75 2.11 26.49
6.6 0.55 3.30 5.00 31.49


Both Tracy’s cardio and my interval running last for about a half hour…  And if I’m doing them both with my full intention then I am drenched with sweat with either cardio option.

Also, I tend to separate the cardio and mat workout into a morning and evening workouts.  Tracy recommends doing them both at the same time.  But I just prefer splitting them up mostly so I can get on with my day in the morning.  And it really just depends on my mood as to which one I do first.

Here’s to hoping I  actually complete the full 90 days this time around because I really don’t want to be writing a similar article again this time of year next year. 😉

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