The Everyday Road to a 10-Miler – Week 2

by Angela on November 23, 2014

Week 2 of my 10-Miler training was GREAT. It went something like this:







No, your eyes did not deceive you. I actually did nothing last week. I take that back, I did go to my dance class on Monday, but that works more of my brain than my body. So other than that, I did nothing that would be considered exercise. So many things got in the way this week and I didn’t make much time for myself. Of course this coming week is Thanksgiving so it’s not looking great this week either, but we’ll see. Tomorrow will be unseasonably warm so I just may make it out for an outdoor jog.

Here’s the training program I’m “following”. Day 7 is Monday for me, so that the 2 rest days fall on the weekend:

10mile training programme beginners

The good thing is, I’ve discovered a smoothie mix that I LOVE that has become my daily breakfast. Deena is trying Shakeology, and I’ve been drinking a similar product, Shaklee. We just like to point out that we don’t support any particular brand or product, so it’s very fitting that we’re both trying two different brands. I chose Shaklee because I have a friend in the neighborhood who sells it so I tried it and I liked the taste, simple as that. I have both the cafe latte and chocolate flavor, and I mix with 1 cup of either skim milk or almond milk and a 1/2 of banana.  Sometimes I’ll add some cinnamon to the cafe latte flavor, or I’ve substituted the banana for pumpkin added some spices and made it a pumpkin spiced latte. My favorite mix-in for the chocolate is peanut butter. But I’ve also added some strawberries and peanut butter for a PB&J smoothie. Any way I drink it, I like it because it’s quick to fix, it’s easy, it’s portable, it’s yummy, and it fills me up. The smoothie mix I use is the Shaklee 180 Meal Replacement Smoothie Mix and the description says “Non-GMO soy protein and fiber help keep you feeling full longer, while added leucine helps retain muscle so your metabolism can power on as the inches come off.” I’m not a distributor but I’m sure they are easy to find!

Maybe by mentioning my smoothie breakfasts, I’m somehow making myself feel better about not working out this past week. 😉 Not really, but it’s something I wanted to share anyway. Here’s hoping this coming week “works out” better for me (no pun intended).

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